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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?


It never costs anything to meet with Jesse. Some investment accounts will have fees, and some do not. The highest investment account fee is 1.5% per year, but it is common for the cost to be much lower. You must approve all costs, and there will never be a surprise. See our fee schedule below:

Up to $50,000 1.5% annualized (per year) 
Above $50,000 0.7% annualized (per year) 

Insurance products pay commission, but that is paid by the insurance company. Not the client.


What can I expect at the first appointment?


We will spend time asking you questions to learn about your goals, dreams, and risk tolerance. We will also gather information on what you have accomplished so far for your retirement. We will then analyze your assets and compare them to what you want your retirement to look like. This will help to determine if changes need to be made. We want you to be excited and confident about your financial future when you leave.


How do I make an appointment?


Call our office at (832) 915-2700 or schedule an appointment by clicking here.


How long does an appointment last?


Appointment times vary, but we reserve 90 minutes for the 1st appointment.


What do I need to bring with me to the appointment?


Please bring your statements - especially for any accounts you want to fix. It is also helpful to know how much you have in current monthly expenses and your current annual income. We only make a recommendation if we can confirm it is in your best interest.


Can I bring a family member/someone else?


Absolutely. You are welcome to bring someone as long as you are comfortable having them there as we discuss your finances.


How do I sign up to attend a Retirement Strategies Workshop?


Call the office at (832) 915-2700 to make sure we register you for the workshop that best suits your needs. Different workshops have different criteria to attend.


Who is retirement planning for?


Retirement planning is for those who would like to optimize their financial future.


How can a financial advisor help you plan for retirement?


Knowing that you will have enough money for the rest of your life is very important if you want to walk away from a paycheck and retire. Knowing that your income will not run out, will not go down, and actually increase over time will give you confidence. Optimizing your finances may give you more fun money for your retirement.


Is Jesse tied to a specific company?


Jesse is the owner of Retirement Planners of Texas, LLC and Retirement Planners of Texas Insurance Group, Inc.  He is independent, which is valuable for our clients because we can customize our plans based on our clients' needs. Jesse can work with any company but will only recommend the best for your situation.

Our goal is to provide unmatched service in order to guide you to financial independence. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re happy to address them during our initial complimentary consultation.

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