Our Three Core Principles

A Reasonable Rate of Return** for Retirement Income

The key to a successful retirement is to create a solid retirement strategy.

We follow three key principles: Safety, Reasonable Return**, and Keeping it Simple. Our goal is to help you plan for a retirement income you won’t outlive* so you can retire with confidence. 

Our Three Principles:

Safety First

Protect your assets at all times.



Achieve a reasonable return over time.


Keeping it Simple

Planning for retirement should be simple and not complicated.

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Safety First

Protecting your principal is key to sustaining your retirement income for the rest of your life. There are several ways to develop retirement strategies. Early in your career, you are more likely to contribute more money to the market. Since you are not dependent on your retirement income at that time, people tend to take on more risks. Knowing this, people may decide to buy and hold earnings for retirement.

With fluctuations in the stock market, your contributions may experience a decline. But,  while you are working, you may still be able to recover your losses. However, as you approach retirement, you may have less time to make up for your losses so protecting your assets becomes more important. Therefore, you may opt for safer options.

Our goal is to protect our clients’ principal against market fluctuations. To choose the best option for their needs, we want to make sure they understand all their options.

Reasonable Rate of Return (RRR)**

Along with preserving your money, you should also make a reasonable return**. Most financial products don’t provide retirees with enough retirement income. While your money is safe, it may not be enough to cover all your expenses. Strategies like this may not meet the needs of most clients. 

We offer our clients strategies for principle protection while earning a reasonable return (RRR)**. When indexes rise, our clients earn interest. On the other hand, if markets fall, they do not lose money. 

It is possible to achieve a reasonable return rate (RRR)** with the right strategy. You can earn indexed interest through fixed index annuities (FIAs) for example. Long-term, FIAs offer rates of 3 to 6%. As a result, we offer both safe money options and a reasonable rate of return over time. 

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Keeping it Simple

There is no need to complicate retirement income strategies. How can you comfortably retire if you’re trying to preserve your finances and manage the risks of a fluctuating market? You can easily prepare for retirement if you follow the right strategies. 

The needs and financial circumstances of every client are different. You do not have to choose between these three principles. It is possible to combine them all. 

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